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Nested is a COVID-19 relief organization helping live teachers temporarily adapt their post-secondary classrooms to remote teaching.

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Thank you to all who helped us achieve our goals!

The team is now taking a break to recharge our own batteries and to figure out what is next. During this time, the site will not be actively maintained. Visitors, if you find a broken link, just google the course name and instructor(s).

Nested Learning Collective is a volunteer community with a mission of helping post-secondary educators during the pandemic by finding, testing, and recommending ready-to-incorporate, inexpensive, home-appropriate activities, projects, and tools.

Did you know it can take 5x the amount of prep to make an excellent remote version of a course? We are making it easier for educators to stay focused on individual student needs by reducing prep time. 

DJs make new compositions quickly by sampling existing music to new ends. In the process, they promote the original artists. During the pandemic, educators can reduce prep time by supplementing their courses with assignments that are already optimized for home learning. Nested is a searchable site with community-vetted, feature-worthy modules that can spice up remote classes. We add new resources frequently.

Students Go At Their Own Pace

Nested modules supplement live instruction while students are at home.

Learn From Experts in Remote Learning

Select from top instructors whose content is already optimized for remote learning.

Augment Your Classroom

Choose what you'd like to add to your course from our extensive module library.


We are not currently seeking new volunteers or partners.

Nested Learning Collective is a volunteer community with a mission of helping post-secondary educators during the pandemic by finding, testing, and recommending ready-to-incorporate, inexpensive, home-appropriate activities, projects, and tools.

We are working to: 

  • Reduce the time it takes to adapt to excellent remote teaching and learning
  • Shortlist the world’s most engaging learning content creators.
  • Understand live post-secondary educators needs
  • Help live educators focus on what matters most – connecting with students
  • Index already-optimized supplemental learning tools, stories, and activities.

We are working to: 

  • Support the mission of Nested Learning Collective
  • Prepare templates and tools for educators
  • Collect, prepare, review, and upload information about full courses and short modules
  • Create a community of exceptional remote and live teachers who can help keep educational communities healthy during COVID-19


Help students apply what they learn from you through engaging real-world projects and stories, and test their knowledge with tailor-made quizzes.

Our Mission

Nested Learning Collective is an independent project created by Beth Altringer of Harvard University in March 2020.

Founding Team:

Chair: Beth Altringer, Harvard University

Partnerships Lead: Justin Ferrell, Stanford University

Outreach Processes and Operations Lead: Bob Pan, Wayfair

Research Lead: Laurie Delaney, Senior UX Researcher, Design Lab at Harvard University

Industry partners:

Zachary Davis, President, (Launch Partner, Audio education)

Cleo Barnett,, Executive Director,

Faculty partners:

Burak Cakmak, Dean of Fashion School, Parson’s University

Molly Crockett, Yale University

Nathan Eagle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ian Gonsher, Brown University

Dharmishta Rood, SXSW Startup Accelerator Board Member, former Managing Director of Community, Singularity University

Sally Elley, Seattle-based Design Education Advisor

This Spring, educators scrambled to adapt their classes for teaching via video. It did not go very well. By this Fall, we need to embed virtual classrooms with more of the social, emotional, and motivational elements that make in-person teaching so engaging.

Nested Learning Collective began with a simple idea: rally around our educational communities and provide relief to the millions of educators worldwide tasked with being ‘prepared for everything’ this fall: face to face, online, and hybrid teaching scenarios.

This quote summarizes the problem: “I teach three large courses and am currently teaching summer session. I can’t redo those three fall courses in three ways. Preparing for all possibilities is just overwhelming, exhausting and ultimately impossible” – Erika Lee of Indiana University

Our educational communities are struggling. Educators, like all of us, are dealing with COVID-19 at work and at home, while juggling a much heavier workload. Schools are cutting budgets and some may not survive. Even if universities remain open, many students will choose to avoid campus, and professors will have to run both a live and virtual version of their class. 

The more successful educators are at engaging students this year, the easier it will be for students and their parents to remain productive, too. There are many ways to help. Our work is powered by a coalition of private citizens, students, digital and on-campus educators and administrators, and the communities around them. If you would like to join our efforts, donate, contribute in a creative way, or improve our global reach, please email ba[at]

From great stories about psychological concepts, to building websites to analyzing data, find ‘samples’ to nest inside your courses to increase student learning and engagement.

No matter their experience level, enhance your normal class projects and discussions in more exciting ways than through lectures on Zoom by incorporating modules already optimized for remote learning.

Find easy ways for students to turn what they learn into creative projects that show off their command of learning objectives.

Nesting great modules in your remote teaching makes it easier to focus on what matters most – the individual learning needs of all your students, whether on campus or at home.

Check our our FAQ for how to work with nesting modules.

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Apply your learning with real-world projects and test your knowledge with tailor-made quizzes.

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