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A-level Mathematics for Year 13 – Course 2: General Motion, Moments and Equilibrium, The Normal Distribution, Vectors, Differentiation Methods, Integration Methods and Differential Equations


Philip Ramsden





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By the end of this course, you'll be able to: Use calculus in kinematics for motion in a straight line Use differentiation and integration of a vector with respect to time for motion in two dimensions Solve projectile motion problems using both calculus/vector methods and constant acceleration formulae Use a standard model for friction Calculate moments understanding what they mean and how they might be used Solve problems involving parallel and nonparallel coplanar forces Apply an understanding of moments to statics problems involving rigid bodies Use the Normal distribution as a model for continuous data Conduct a hypothesis test of the mean using a Normal distribution Use a Normal distribution as an approximation of a Binomial distribution Add vectors diagrammatically Perform the algebraic operations of vector addition and multiplication by scalars Apply vector calculations to problems in pure mathematics Use methods for differentiating a function of a function, differentiating a product and differentiating a quotient Differentiate trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions Use implicit and parametric differentiation Identify integrals that can be dealt with “by sight” Use a substitution method to integrate a function Use partial fractions to integrate rational functions Use the method of integration by parts Use the method of separating the variable to solve differential equations find the family of solutions for a differential equation


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