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Indian & Tibetan River of Buddhism


Robert A.F. Thurman




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Module 1 The main elements of the Buddha's biograph The Four Noble Truths and the Three Super Educations Module 2 The branches of the Eightfold Path & how they relate to the Three Super Educations The five principles of enlightenment social policy and political activism Module 3 The Universal Vehicle and the Individual Vehicle principles and institutions The concept of non-duality and its core logic of emptiness as absolute relativity Module 4 The periodization and principal aspects of the three styles of Indian Buddhism The process of the Three Super Educations by outlining the reasoning underlying emptiness, relativity, and interconnectedness of all beings The central features of the esoteric or apocalyptic vehicle Module 5 The Transformation of Tibet from imperialist conquest culture to relatively nonviolent mass monastic culture The five-point sociological framework of the Western "materialist modernity" versus the eventual modern Tibetan "spiritual" or "inner modernity" Module 6 The Great Fourteenth Dalai Lama's exemplification of the qualities developed by the Three Super Educations


Robert A.F. Thurman|Columbia University Center for Teaching and Learning|

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