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Six Sigma: Define and Measure


Martin Grunow




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To understand the background and meaning of the Six Sigma methodology and the role of the DMAIC process improvement cycle. To identify the Voice of the Customer and translate into Critical-to-Quality parameters. To understand the concept of random variables, probability mass functions, and probability density functions. To calculate probabilities using the Normal distribution. To understand how the Central Limit Theorem applies to sampling and how to set up sampling plans. To understand the importance of a Measurement System Analysis in a Six Sigma project. To calculate Process Yield and Process Capability. To perform a risk assessment using a Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. How to apply the Define and Measure phases of the DMAIC cycle in your work or research, in order to identify problems and quantitatively assess the impact of process changes using statistical analysis.


Martin Grunow|Holly Ott|

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