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Work and Employment for a Sustainable Future


Jeffrey D. Sachs




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Module 1: Decent Work for Sustainable Development Introduction to SDG 8 Employment, Decent Work and Social Justice for Sustainability Link between Employment, Work, Income and Wealth Measuring Decent Work and SDG 8 Implosion Points, Demographic Change, Changing Nature & Locations of Jobs and Incomes Module 2: Transitions in Employment and Work Structural Shifts in Economies and Work Skill Bias Work in a Post Manufacturing World Macroeconomic Context of Diminishing Returns to Labor Social Democratic Model Disaggregating Productivity Gains Global Perspectives on Changes to Formal Employment **** Module 3: Challenges of Work: Informality, Gender and Child Labor Informal Employment: Definitions and Debates Global Data: Size, Composition and Characteristics Urban Informal Self-Employment Informal Self Employment: Informal Enterprises Informal Self Employment: Dependent Contractors Challenges for Policy for Informal Workers and Enterprises Formalization and Decent Work Women in the Informal Workforce Child Labor Case Study: Modern Slavery and Children Module 4: Current Policy Responses Tracing the Rise of a Modern Welfare State Features of a Modern Welfare State New Policy Instruments Developing Policies for the Education to Work Pipeline Module 5: Structural and Institutional Models for the Future of Work The New Dilemma of Development The Knowledge Economy and Its Future Labor and Capital Finance and the Real Economy The Capable Agent: Education Module 6: Future of Jobs and Work Automation, Work and Wellbeing The Political Economy of Automation Skills and the Jobs of the Future Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work Challenge and Opportunities for Stable Inclusive Societies Module 7: Special Module in Partnership with the ILO: Achieving SDG 8 and Realizing Decent Work for All Promoting Full and Productive Employment A Transformative Agenda for Gender Equality at Work International Labour Standards Labor Market Governance and Social Dialogue in the Face of Rapid Changes Policies to Realize the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work Universal, Adequate and Comprehensive Social Protection


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